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The following shortcode is only available in the Pro Plus version of the plugin.

[wt-kiosk] is an extension of the popular wt shortcode. [wt] is aimed at the end user and provides them a tool to view and edit their data. [wt-kiosk] however, is designed for your administrators and staff and extends the [wt] user interface by providing an additional search box allowing you search for your site users. Selecting a user reloads the page and popluates the [wt] tool with the selected user's data. This allows your team to search and update all of their user records from the front end of the website.

An additional summary tab is also added allowing your team to get a quick summary of the user's accounts.


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Shortcode arguments

Below lists kiosk specific arguments, however, please view the documentation for wt as those arguments are also supported.

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
bmi-format Specify the format that BMI should be displayed in. 'label' (default), 'both' or 'index' [wt-kiosk bmi-format='both']
bmi-alert-if-below If specified, show an alert if the user's BMI is below this value false (default) or numeric [wt bmi-alert-if-below='17']
bmi-alert-if-above If specified, show an alert if the user's BMI is above this value false (default) or numeric [wt bmi-alert-if-above='30']
kiosk-barcode-scanner If set to true, a barcode scanner shall appear at the top when in Kiosk mode. Please note, the barcode/QR code must contain a WordPress user ID e.g. 233. Upon a successful scan, the relevant user record shall be loaded. True or False (default) [wt-kiosk kiosk-mode=true kiosk-barcode-scanner=true]
kiosk-barcode-scanner-camera If set to true, a barcode/QR scanner that uses the device's cameras shall be displayed True (true) or False [wt-kiosk kiosk-mode=true kiosk-barcode-scanner=true kiosk-barcode-scanner-camera=true ]
kiosk-barcode-scanner-lazer If set to true, support for an external barcode scanner shall be displayed True (true) or False [wt-kiosk kiosk-mode=true kiosk-barcode-scanner=true kiosk-barcode-scanner-lazer=true ]
kiosk-barcode-scanner-open If set to either "camera" or "lazer" then the associated scanner shall always be open when the page loads "camera" or "lazer". Default is """ [wt-kiosk kiosk-mode=true kiosk-barcode-scanner=true kiosk-barcode-scanner-open="camera" ]
summary-boxes-kiosk Specify the summary boxes to display on the summary tab. Comma delimited list, read more ( default: "weight-difference-since-previous,latest-weight,latest-versus-target,latest-versus-start,latest-award,bmi,calories-lose,calories-maintain,divider,start-weight,aim,target-weight,start-bmi,start-bmr,previous-weight,divider,name-and-email,gender,age-dob,height,activity-level,group") [wt-kiosk summary-boxes-kiosk="latest-weight,start-weight"]