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The following shortcode is only available in the Pro Plus version of the plugin.


As per the screenshots below, the Waist-to-Hip ratio calculator allows your users (logged in or not) to enter their hip and waist measurements and get an instant calculation of their Waist-to-Hip ratio.

Note: By default, the user can switch between imperial and metric fields.






The Waist-to-Hip ratios are calculated based on the thresholds defined at Healthline:

Health risk Women Men
low 0.80 or lower 0.95 or lower
moderate 0.81-0.85 0.96-1.0
high 0.86 or higher 1.0 or higher


The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
default-tab Specify which tab to display by default. Either Imperial or Metric. "imperial" or "metric" (default) [wt-waist-to-hip-ratio-calculator default-tab="imperial"]
disable-main-font If set to true will disable the main font used in the shortcode True or False (default) [wt-waist-to-hip-ratio-calculator disable-main-font=true]
disable-theme-css If set to true will disable the additional CSS used in the shortcode True or False (default) [wt-waist-to-hip-ratio-calculator disable-theme-css=true]