Weight Tracker Documentation

Documentation and tips for setting up Weight Tracker on your WordPress site.

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The following shortcode is available in both the free and Pro version of the plugin. However, the non-pro version is a simple HTML table with limited functionality.

This shortcode displays the weight and custom fields for the given user in a tabular format. Below is an example of how the rendered shortcode looks (Pro version).


Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
bmi-format Specify the format that BMI should be displayed in (within data tables) ‘label’ (default), ‘both’ or ‘index’ [wt-table bmi-format=’both’]
custom-field-groups (8.4+) Specify one or more custom field group slugs. Specifying groups will ensure that only custom fields within those groups are displayed on the control. An individual slug or multiple slugs comma delimited. [wt-table custom-field-groups=’measurements’] [wt-table custom-field-groups=’measurements,fitness-test’]
custom-field-slugs (8.4+) Specify one or more custom field slugs. Specifying slugs will ensure only the fields specified are displayed on the control. An individual slug or multiple slugs comma delimited. [wt-table custom-field-slugs=’waist’] [wt-table custom-field-slugs=’waist,bicep,distance-run’]
enable-add-edit If set to true (default is false) show the delete/edit icons to allow a users to edit their data. true or false (default) [wt-table enable-add-edit=true]
enable-custom-fields If set to true (default is false), meta fields shall be included in each row. true or false (default) [wt-table enable-custom-fields=true]
user-id By default, the shortcode will display the table for the current user. You can display the table for another user by setting this argument to the relevant user ID. Numeric [wt-table user-id=”1”]