Weight Tracker Documentation

Documentation and tips for setting up Weight Tracker on your WordPress site.

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The following shortcode is only available in the Pro version of the plugin.

Render reminders to logged in users asking them to add a target weight or weight / custom fields entry for today.

The following examples are the default look of the shortcode:



[wt-reminder type=”target”]

Reminder Target

If you wish to have complete control over message displayed, you may override the above arguments. The following example shows you how to display your own message box / HTML.

    Enter some custom message here  

Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
additional_css Add an additional CSS class for the reminder box. String [wt-reminder additiona_css='wlt-css-class']
link Wraps the notification in a link so you can direct the user to data entry page. Link [wt-reminder link='https://domainname.com/weight-entry']
message The message to be displayed if the check is true. This will override the default message. String [wt-reminder message='Get a target weight entered!' type='target']
number-of-days If considering weight entries, how many days back should we look for an entry? e.g. if set to 7, display a message if they haven't added a weight in the last 7 days. Number [wt-reminder number-of-days='7' type='weight']
type The type of value to check for. Check that either weight entry has been added for today or a target. If set to "both", will display the message if both target and today's weight missing. 'weight' (default), 'target' or 'both' [wt-reminder type='target']