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The following shortcode is only available in the Pro Plus version of the plugin.

Render a gallery of the user's uploaded photos (custom fields). The shortcode supports two different types of gallery:





Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
css-class Specify an additional CSS class for the gallery frame. String (empty by default) [wt-gallery css-class="a-css-class"]
direction Order to show photos in. 'desc' (default) to show newest first or 'asc' for oldest first. [wt-gallery direction="desc"]
custom-fields-hide-from-shortcodes Determines whether or not to exclude all photo fields marked as "Hide from shortcodes" True (default) or False [wt-gallery custom-fields-hide-from-shortcodes="false"]
custom-fields-to-use Keys/slugs of one or more photo custom fields to display within the gallery. Defaults to all enabled photo custom photo fields if not specified [wt-gallery custom-fields-to-use="24"] [wt-gallery custom-fields-to-use="leg,waist"]
error-message Message to display if a no photos could not be found. String. Defaults to an in-build message. [wt-gallery error-message="No photos"]
height Allows you to specify the maximum height of the gallery. Number (default: 800). [wt-gallery height="400"]
limit Maximum number of photos to show. Number (default: 20). [wt-gallery limit="40"]
mode Specify the type of gallery to display. (note: Not applicable when using [wt-awards] 'default' (default), 'compact', 'carousel' or 'tilesgrid'. [wt-gallery mode="carousel"]
user-id Specify the user ID to display a gallery for. By default, it will show the gallery for the current user Number. Defaults to user ID of the logged in user. [wt-gallery user-id=32]
width Allows you to specify the maximum width of the gallery. Number (default: 800) or percentage (e.g. 90%) [wt-gallery width="400"]