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The following shortcode is only available in the Pro version of the plugin.

A shortcode that renders a table of summary information for users within a given group.


Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
default-to-users-group If set to true, the table will default to logged in user's current group True or False (default) [wt-group-view-as-table default-to-users-group=true]
disable-main-font If set to true will disable the main font used in the shortcode True or False (default) [wt-group-view-as-table disable-main-font=true]
disable-theme-css If set to true will disable the additional CSS used in the shortcode True or False (default) [wt-group-view-as-table disable-theme-css=true]
group-id Specifies the group ID to show user information for. Number. Defaults to 0 [wt-group-view-as-table group-id=123]
hide-column-diff-from-prev If enabled, hide the column "Diff from Prev". "true" or "false" (default) [wt-group-view-as-table hide-column-diff-from-prev="true"]
hide-column-gains If enabled, hide the column "Gains". "true" or "false" (default) [wt-group-view-as-table hide-column-gains="true"]
hide-column-losses If enabled, hide the column "Losses". "true" or "false" (default) [wt-group-view-as-table hide-column-losses="true"]
enable-group-select If enabled, display a dropdown list of all user groups. Selecting an option shall show data for that given group. "true" (default) or "false" [wt-group-view-as-table enable-group-select="false"]
todays-entries-only If enabled, users will only be shown for the given group if they have added an entry for today "true" or "false" (default) [wt-group-view-as-table todays-entries-only="true"]