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The following shortcode is only available in the Pro version of the plugin.

This shortcode renders a chart of the user’s custom field entries.

The following is an example of how the rendered chart will look:


This shortcode is a helper that re-uses [wt-chart] functionality. The aim of this shortcode is to configure [wt-chart] to render custom fields only on a chart.

Shortcode Arguments

The following arguments are the most popular for this shortcode:

Argument Description Options Example
custom-field-groups Specify one or more custom field group slugs. Specifying groups will ensure that only custom fields within those groups are displayed on the control. An individual slug or multiple slugs comma delimited. [wt-custom-fields-chart custom-field-groups='measurements'] [wt-custom-fields-chart custom-field-groups='measurements,fitness-test']
custom-field-restrict-rows By default, entries will be shown that have values set against one or more of the specified custom fields. "any" (default) - Display entries that have at least one custom field with data. "all" - Display entries that have all custom fields populated. Leave blank to show all entries regardless of whether custom fields have values against them. [wt-custom-fields-chart custom-field-restrict-rows='all']
custom-field-slugs Specify one or more custom field slugs. Specifying slugs will ensure only the fields specified are displayed on the control. An individual slug or multiple slugs comma delimited. [wt-custom-fields-chart custom-field-slugs='waist'] [wt-custom-fields-chart custom-field-slugs='waist,bicep,distance-run']

For more options, please refer to the arguments outlined in [wt-chart]. By using this shortcode weight (show-weight) and target entries (show-target) are disabled by default.