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Documentation and tips for setting up Weight Tracker on your WordPress site.

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The following shortcode is only available in the Pro version of the plugin.

This shortcode can be used to display the user's latest BMI and has the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
display Specifies the format of the shortcode output. The "display" argument has the following options: "index" (default), renders the numerical value of the person's BMI. "label", renders the readable BMI label e.g. Healthy, Overweight, etc. "both", renders both the label and numerical value. [wt-bmi display="both"]
no-height-text To calculate a user's height, we need their BMI. This argument allows you to override the default message displayed to the user when their height is missing. Text [wt-bmi no-height-text="To view your BMI, please enter your height."]